What does AT do?


Our responsibility is to place our customer first and we pride ourselves in following our commitments:

1. Maintain service quality - AT believes in personalized service from qualified personnel

  • Clear understanding of the objectives and corporate culture.

  • Clear understanding of the positionís responsibilities

  • Propose the best suited candidate for our client

  • Receive feedback from our client

 2. Rates - AT will always provide very aggressive rates to our customers by maintaining a low cost structure

3. Training Ė AT will recruit personnel who have the required skills. At times additional project related skills are required and AT supports training based on specific objectives and goals. On occasion, project related skills are required and working with our customer, we will identify these requirements and develop training plans to address these needs.

4. Employee Dedication Ė Our consultantís are our greatest asset and AT understands a projectís demands and the dedication required.  AT makes every attempt to address each individualís needs to ensure their highest support for the project.


AT Telecommunications Consultants