AT has professionals available to perform virtually any task required in the development of hardware and software. 

Major areas of expertise include:

H/W Design & Development

  • Specification development
  • Design document development
  • New or existing technology
  • Fabricate & test
  • Write new or use existing scripts
  • Final product acceptance.
  • CMOS, BiCMOS, PLL, RFIC, ASIC, GaAS MMIC, HPA’s, LNA’s, multi layer boards, thin film technology, DAC/ADC, impedance matching, FPGA, VHDL and other specialized devices.
  • PCB design and verification

S/W Design & Development

  • Custom applications & end user support
  • Java, C/C++, HTML, PERL, Unix, SQL, VB, Fortran and Assembly
  • Define requirements and develop the solution
  • Most platforms.
  • HIPAA consultation and implementation