AT has professionals available to perform virtually any task required in an IT and Network environment,
from initial planning to implementation and operations.  

Major areas of expertise include:

IT Solutions

  • Mainframe/midframe development & maintenance
  • WiFi (802.11x), LAN/WAN architecture, engineering, deployment and support
  • Cyber Security Certification
  • Identity provisioning and synchronization
  • Novell, Cisco, MAC, Unix, Windows NT & 2000
  • Data loss Prevention (DLP)

Network Security Solutions

  • Cryptography –  Symmetric & asymmetric encryption
  • Public Key Infrastructure (e.g., RSA, DSS, Digital signatures)
  • Host and Network Intruder Detection
  • Identification and Authorization (I&A)
  • Comprehensive Network Security Assessments
  • Integration of Anti-Malware and Ransomware Protection Management & Backups
  • IT Disaster Recovery